The Petty Games

It’s hot. Summer doesn’t agree with me because I’m a November baby. And there are days where I’m just tired and frustrated. I’m not the only one who feels this way, especially in a whole panini where things have just gone wrong. I get it. BUT

it doesn’t justify being a knob to others. As much as I try my best to be patient, be the bigger person blah blah blah, there are people who are consciously acting like utter bum holes. There are people who just make me feel like this:

So while I don’t wish them evil, I do wish them to be inconvenienced.

So for the nobordongs out there, here are my top 10 inconveniences. I hope you:

  1. Miss your next delivery slot.
  2. Have your WiFi buffer.
  3. Have smashed ice cream lollies in your freezer.
  4. Forget your earphones when you head out.
  5. Have your laptop decide to do massive updates before a big meeting.
  6. Be refused service when you head out to buy a game/lottery ticket/a drink.
  7. Forget to take cash out so you have to spend more at a “minimum £5 card” spend shop.
  8. Hit every red traffic light.
  9. Eat celery.
  10. Drop your phone on your face.

xoxo Miss Shady Lady ☺️

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