Picture of a woman in black dungarees, a yellow coat, and white trainers, in front of a wall with purple, pink, orange, and blue shapes

Aksana Khan


I centre joy. Allow just neatly repackaged trauma for a certain audience.

I care about making art that reckons with how our postcodes affect our life chances. As a sector we need to battle with how enforced neutrality in cultural spaces has and continues to breed ignorance and misinformation.

I connect the dots because that’s my brain. I don’t see things in a linear way, I think “sideways” and see the Matrix (lol). My expertise is built on (1) having studied history and politics and the legacies of empire in real-time; (2) working on local, regional, and national basis; (3) freelancing between programmes and marketing teams.

What I don’t do is one-off D&I workshops.

What I actually do is:

  • facilitate conversations
  • produce events
  • focus your marketing and programming strategy
  • deliver project evaluations
  • copywriting
  • make niche memes and watch a lot of TV

What am I doing at the moment? Lemme show you

What’s my boundaries? You should know that:

  • I work four days a week for the social justice charity, Arts Emergency.
  • If you’re asking me to do a project that requires in-person meetings, I can’t drive so public transport access is a must!
  • I’ve been in the West Midlands since my uni days, but I’m originally from London. Have been a city girl since Day 1 though 💅🏾
  • I don’t work during Eid and for a week in mid-November because it’s my birthday week!
  • If you’re not within commutable distance from Leamington Spa, then I’m happy to work remotely ☺️

Image Credit: Lauren Morton