Picture of a woman in black dungarees, a yellow coat, and white trainers, in front of a wall with purple, pink, orange, and blue shapes

Aksana Khan

Arts & Youth Engagement Producer

I’m driven to create joy because why not? And life’s short.

I care about young people because of the hellish combo of “neutral” history-telling and how our postcodes affect our life chances. Working in creative fields means inheriting the legacies of how “impartiality” in the arts and public services has and continues to breed ignorance, racism, and misinformation. This disproprortionately affects young BPOCs and I try to do my best to have hope and make sure that my age mates and older do right by them.

I connect the dots because my love of history has instilled a holistic approach to life. What does that mean for how I work? I look at legacies of empire in real-time, I work between regions, and between programming and marketing teams. All this means is if you’re someone asks questions like “How can I talk about the empire when my organisation and local area is predominantly white?” Or “How can I improve the recruitment for my youth programmes?” Get in touch.

What I don’t do is one-off D&I workshops.
What I actually do is
  • Facilitate
  • Produce and deliver events
  • Help you focus to your marketing and programming strategy
  • Make niche memes and watch TV
  • Centre wellbeing in my work because mental health is a non-negotiable
I currently work for the social justice charity, Arts Emergency.
My current freelancing projects are:

You should know that I’m a Londoner who proudly calls the West Midlands her home.

Image Credit: Lauren Morton