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On Our Way – converting bus stops into galleries on Soho Road

📸 Ahsen Sayeed

I’m currently producing On Our Way. The idea, originally conceived by me, is that we will be transforming 8 bus stops on Soho Road into galleries.

The artwork themselves will be co-created with our wonderful Artist Curator Nilupa Yasmin, and 8 groups with memories and connections to the area. They’ll be making the artwork through collaging workshops with Nilupa, the idea being that you don’t need to be a trained artist to make art.

The first bus stop gallery was debuted at the Bus Boycott Block Party. The rest will be debuted in Spring 2022. Here’s a blog explaining the inspiration behind On Our Way.

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In the pipeline:

Producing a written piece which synthesises UAL and Contemporary Art Society’s workshop on Reconceiving Engagement

We are also looking into the next phase of ramping up activity with our Block Party commissioned artists in 2022. To find out more, click here.