The Petty Games

It’s hot. Summer doesn’t agree with me because I’m a November baby. And there are days where I’m just tired and frustrated. I’m not the only one who feels this way, especially in a whole panini where things have just gone wrong. I get it. But

notes from a former-baby freelancer

So it’s been 3 years since registering as a sole trader and deciding that yes, definitely, I do want to work in the arts. I’m procrastinating a little by deciding to write this, but I hope it helps people who are starting out.

dead museums

I couldn’t help but crack up when I presented my “death” question to my Culture Reset cohort. When you talk about death and mortality, you’re in a moment of suspension because in and amongst the faces, you’ll see a mixture of “OofThisIsBareAwkward”, the earnest sideway bobs, and some meaningful smiles from those who are familiar with loss. You never know how the conversation is going to land

what drives me to work with young people

A lot. But mainly that we shouldn’t rely on charitable acts for things which should be universally provided. No kid should worry about what they can and can’t afford. They all deserve the world.