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Here’s a list of past projects


This has been a labour of love for me and Diandra McCalla. We’re working with the ever so wonderful Black Heritage Walks Network, Jane Thakoordin, and Nilupa Yasmin. The graphics were designed by the awesome Malikah Holder.
This short film built on the Understanding British Portraits webinar of November 2020, ‘From De-Colonial to Anti-Colonial – What’s Next for Museum Interpretation?’ It’s the first time I’ve worked with film, and I reflect on the seismic impact 2020 had on the arts with Tayo Adekunle and Nilupa Yasmin. We talk about the legacies of empire, decentring the white gaze, and what an anti-racist gallery or museum space might look like.


Text which reads "Antiracism in Practice: Reflections"
AntiRacism in Practice, GEM Heritage

I designed a course with 6 workshops where I learnt as much from the participants as I did from the speakers. It was a labour of love. It was designed to take into account emotional labour of BPOCs, lived experiences, and intersectionality. I’m not an expert. I couldn’t do this work without recognising the people who’ve been doing the work since TIME and those who are doing it now.
Image of 3 women standing in front of a wall
Third West Midlands Weekender, Culture Central

Honestly, this was a massive highlight of my pandemic experience. I was co-producing this Festival with my mates Paige Jackson and Diandra – who are ICONIQUE. Our main focus was to highlight the talent of Midlanders aged 16-30, and the theme was Democratising Creativity and Culture. We ended up producing a wonderful online festival with Rakeem Omar and Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo as hosts.

Photo Credit: Lauren Morton
Wellcome RawMinds Poetry Project

Up until this project, I don’t think I’ve ever lol’d so much as I did with the young people on this programme. I was the Project Support Officer and helped with getting the show on the road and the evaluation. The young people on this programme were great, they did a showcase (just before lockdown 1.0 hit) and did their own brilliant anthology too.

Illustrator: Aleesha Nandhra
Screenshot of a presentation slide which reads "Museums can't do everything - and that's okay!"
Wth is ‘youth-led’ marketing?” London Transport Museum

I delivered a workshop on youth-led marketing to the 2020 cohort of Young Freelancers. I talked about my experiences of working in marketing, debunked the jargon, and talked about best practice too. This is especially as learning and marketing teams are two sides of the same coin.